Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation

The Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation, established in 2015, manages donations and financially supports projects that give people in need long-term access to clean drinking water.

Additional contributions to the Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation are welcome and appreciated and will solely go to the funding of projects that provide people in need with clean drinking water.

The first project that the foundation supports is in Malawi, implemented together with ADRA as our partner on the ground. The project started on October 1, 2015. Read more on its dedicated project site where you will get progress reports on a regular basis.

The worldly renowned businessman Peter Wallenberg was active in Atlas Copco during 61 years and served as the honorary chair when he passed away in January 2015. To honor his memory many generous donations were made to Water for All. In order to manage the donations the Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation was established, jointly governed by representatives from Peter Wallenberg’s family, Atlas Copco and Water for All.

How the Foundation works

Each fall the Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation offers Water for All organizations the opportunity to apply for funding for water and sanitation projects where they lack sufficient funding to move forward. It can e.g. be a new Water for All organization that wants to realize its first project but needs an extra monetary boost to add to the donations so far received from employees. Or, it can be a completely new project where 100% of the funding is needed. It is also possible to join forces with another Water for All organization (or come together as a region) and do a joint funding application.

Main company contributors